Data is raw, information is precise. Business intelligence information on fingertips works for all stakeholders at all times.
At Mapience our vision is to make current, credible and consistent business information an every minute affair.

Our values are:

  1. Current at any time, any place
  2. Credible through source and validation
  3. Consistent from the beginning till the very end


We aim to build a robust and powerful solution, which helps in analysing a business network operation by providing relevant and timely information to all stakeholders.

Problem Statement

A business operating with a network system often faces challenges in data collection and analysis. This process is consuming and, at times, data also becomes irrelevant owing to the delay in gathering of information.

It is not only critical that information is prompt but also that it conveys relevant information to the decision-makers.

Our Solution

Our solution to this perennial problem is Mapience (which combines the words Map & Science). Mapience helps a business to understand various metrics like sales data, manpower data, network, and any other data which the decision-makers need to analyze. This solution plots all entities spread across the wide geography and showcases data for all the individual entities. This helps the decision makers have a high-level view of the organisation's health.

Who are we?

We are an in-house incubation of Compare Infobase Ltd, the company which founded India's first and largest mapping website ( Mapsofindia) that has been operational since 1998.

Simarprit Singh
Vision & ideation
Ravi Mathur
Apoorv Bhardwaj
Parminder Singh
Sales & Marketing
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